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  1. Danny Trevors says:

    After reading the first couple pages of “The Last Fall” I found it impossible to put down. From the most religious person you know to the least religious person you know, it’s an excellent read for everyone. It will really make you think about relationships in your own life and, the decisions that affect those relationships.

  2. Travis Barber says:

    The Last Fall is a fun read with meaning. I read it and found several things applicable to my own life. I highly recommend it for anyone who is searching for the true meaning of life and what is after.

  3. Katie says:

    An meaningful and thought-provoking story that reminds you to appreciate each day and cherish each relationship. Truly and inspiring nd refreshing read for anyone in today’s rushed, hectic world!

  4. Eric S. says:

    “The Last Fall” touched me very deeply! This book really makes one understand the powers at work and how everyone and everything has a meaning. This is the sort of read once you pick it up you can’t put it down. At times i couldn’t help but to relate to some of the hard times Eric was going through, this book made me look at my life in a different light, knowing not to take things for granted. This book had me choked up a few times as well. I must say from a person who really isn’t a reader for hobby, this book changed me for the good, and I want to pick it up and reread it again. “The last fall” is by far the only book I would say is the best read i have ever read.

  5. Nathan B. says:

    The Last Fall is a book filled with great meaning and lessons we can all learn from. From the beginning to the end, the author keeps you thinking about what’s truly important in life and how in the end, there is only one thing that matters. I would highly recommend The Last Fall.

  6. Chuck P. says:

    I just finished “The Last Fall” and found it difficult to put down. The story was great. I love the cover design and quality of the book as well. The writing was average and read like an author’s first novel. I would have liked to see more twists and turns and intrigue. However, I loved the ending and will definitely recommend this book to others. Overall it is a great book, a great story, and one the Lord will use to His glory. Keep up the good work, Jay, and I am waiting for the sequel!

  7. Misty Stratton says:

    I was so impressed after reading “The Last Fall”, I decided to introduce the book to a monthly book club I attend. “The Last Fall” will be the featured book for our next meeting in Jan. This book is so meaningful, and makes a person think about their everyday life and the relationships they hold with family and friends. It will make you appreciate everyday of your life, and make a person think twice about how they treat others. Great book Jay, I loved it.

  8. Micah says:

    Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. It is an amazing story that has you on the edge of your seat. Not only is this a great and entertaining story to read, but it has a powerful message that makes you rethink how you live your life. I highly recommend this book!

  9. ***This review appeared in the “Buy Books” section of the December 2010 issue of About Family Magazine***

    Review by: Bobbi Carducci

    The Last Fall
    By Jay Blevins
    (OakTara Publishing)
    Adult/Inspirational $17.95
    Rating: Four out of Four stars

    “Eric Stratton is not a likeable character.
    He’s hurt his family,
    used his friends and lied
    and cheated his way to
    the top of his profession.
    There is every indication
    that he will continue
    on this path until he
    falls ill. Faced with the
    news that he has terminal
    cancer, he begins to
    examine his life and the values that have
    defined him for so long.
    Eric’s path to redemption and reconciliation
    is the real story of The Last Fall, and
    if it seems a bit familiar it is. We’ve heard
    this tale before. However, that doesn’t
    mean we don’t need to hear it again. We do.
    Over and over until we finally understand
    the truth about ourselves and God’s love.
    We need to be reminded from time to time
    that the real value in life lies in our relationships,
    not in the things we accumulate
    in the pursuit of success and Jay Blevins has
    done exactly that and we should thank him
    for it.”

  10. Eric Stratton had it all…he was young, handsome, held a prestigious position with a leading Washington, D.C. law firm; he had more lady friends than anyone he knew, and was driving his dream car. Just when he felt the most invincible he passed out in the court room where he was presenting a case. When he woke up in the emergency room the attending physician told him he didn’t think he was suffering from anything serious but then again he may be suffering from pancreatic cancer…..of course it turned out to be the latter.

    Instead of hauling out his bucket list and ticking off everything he had always wanted to do but was too busy with his high powered job and life in the fast lane. He ponders his life and regrets over those people he has hurt while using their bodies to climb to the top of the latter. He decides to spend his last few remaining weeks making amends with seven people on whose lives his despicable actions had wrought egregious pain.

    The rest of the book is a testimonial to our Lord’s gracious power of forgiveness and mercy.

    As one of our book club members stated: “The book is a caution to all of us to make amends, to love and forgive while we can.”

    I couldn’t put the book down and at times I cried my eyes out while at other times I laughed until tears spilled down my cheeks.

    The Believer’s Book Club (that regularly meets at The Christian Shoppe) was honored to host the author Jay Blevins in mid February for a candid and lively discussion about how the book came to be written and his future plans of publishing a sequel. The book received a very high rating from all the book club members.

  11. Tina Earl says:

    I found this author and book inadvertently, I was working at a chain bookstore, and had multiple people call seeking copies of it. We did not carry it in store but it was enough to pique my interest and I got in touch with Jay to try and possibly set up an author event. After a few weeks I came to work to find that he had stopped in and left me a copy of the book! I started reading it that day and after a few weeks life got in the way. Then I saw the book sitting there and was compelled to finish it. It really gave me something to think about it made me take a good long look at my life and if I am living it to the fullest, and if I am truly serving God or just paying lip service. This book is a refreshing change to what is currently available. It is well written and suitable for all ages. I will be passing it around!

  12. Kimberly A. says:

    The book “The Last Fall” was one of the best book that I have ever read. It has truly changed my perspective on life and my own relationships. I let my step-dad borrow my copy and his first response was “I don’t read fiction”. I asked him to read it for me!!! He was hesitant but did so anyway. After a couple days he started calling me in tears saying that he couldn’t put the book down and how he wanted to know more about a relationship with Christ. He has thanked me numerous times for making him read a “fiction” book. I don’t care who you are, what religious,or socioeconomic background you have…. TLF will leave you a different person and wanting to be a better person. I thank you from the bottom of my heat, Jason Blevins!!!! Please continue to write… have an amazing gift!

  13. Vic Schmeltz says:

    “The Last Fall” is a riveting book that deals with human and spiritual relationships on a deeper level. When I began reading it I had a difficult time putting it down. I am confident that this book will minister to many and change people’s lives in many ways.

    I highly recommend Jay’s book.

    Pastor Vic Schmeltz
    Administrative Pastor
    Cornerstone Chapel

  14. threase says:

    I purchased “The Last Fall” from the author at the Lucketts Fair yesterday. I started reading and I could not put it down! I just finished reading it and WOW. THANK YOU Mr. Blevins!

  15. Cora Ruff says:

    I purchased an autographed copy of “TheLast Fall” from Jay when he was guest speaker at Capital Christian Writers meeting, last fall. I couldn’t put it down the first time and found it equally hard to put down the second time around. He creatively presents the important life lesson-of how to be redeemed for eternal life. It reminds us that it is never too late to establish that important relationship with self, other and God. What a marvelous book, Jay. I throughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it.

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