“Jason Blevins has created a masterpiece of Christian fiction—an exciting, suspenseful, and heartwarming story of redemption that can’t be put down before the amazing finish. This book should be at the top of every must-read list, for believers and skeptics alike!”

- Larkin Spivey, Lt. Col. U. S. Marine Corps (ret), Military historian, speaker, and author of God in the Trenches, Miracles of the American Revolution, Battlefields & Blessings: Stories of Faith and Courage from World War II (2009 Silver Medal Winner-Military Writers Society of America /First Place 2009 Branson Stars & Flags Book Award)

“What a delightful read! I read the book in two sittings—I couldn’t put it down and even forgot to eat supper.”

- Professor Keith Drury, author and Associate Professor, Indiana Wesleyan University

“The Last Fall is a masterpiece. Jay Blevins’ story of a successful but narcissistic trial attorney’s response to terminal cancer reveals the timeless truth that life is measured in the quality of our relationships and the gift of divine grace. As a cancer survivor myself, I can attest to how a diagnosis with a life-threatening disease provides a mirror to the soul and reminds us that we are only guaranteed today, not tomorrow.”

- Robert Christopher Brown, Licensed Professional Counselor and author of Coming to Terms with the Potter

“The Last Fall brought tears to my eyes. The story is vivid, poignant, yet full of hope when it appears all hope is lost. I thought about my own family and the importance of cherishing and nurturing relationships. I read it in one day!”

- Sherill Sylvertooth, Senior Consultant, McLean, VA

“In a captivating true-to-life scenario, Jay illustrates the deep, soul-wrenching self-examination every man and woman must face to find true peace and healing. The Last Fall captures the essence of the phrase, ‘the ground is level at the foot of the cross.’ Each page masterfully shows that God’s grace is sufficient for the least among us—even lawyers!”

- CALEB A. KERSHNER, ESQ, Of Counsel with Simms Showers Law, LLP, Leesburg, VA; Former Assistant Commonwealth of Virginia Attorney; Former Director of Federal Relations and Lobbyist for Home School Legal Defense Association and the National Center for Home Education

“The Last Fall tells one man’s story of personal and spiritual redemption. Through Eric Stratton’s tale, author Jay Blevins suggests the importance of personal responsibility, empathy for others, and, most importantly, the forgiveness that exists for all of us sinners.”

- Trish Perry, author of The Perfect Blend, Sunset Beach, and other inspirational novels

“I was drawn in and captivated from the very beginning and as the story unfolded revealing twists and turns along the way. Truly a “feel-good” book that also challenges you to take a look at the importance of every decision. Such a great confirmation of the goodness of God’s Master Plan”

- Theresa Mills, Motivational/Inspirational Speaker, On-Air Personality for Positive Hits 89.9 and 90.5 WPER

“The Last Fall was hard to put down, and I am looking forward to sharing it with my friends. I was entertained throughout. This story shows we’re all here for a purpose.”

- Officer Craig Campbell, Police Officer, Greer, South Carolina

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this gem of a book! Although I received a Catholic elementary and college education, it wasn’t until I read this book that I fully understood what God’s grace is. This book has given me a better understanding of God’s unconditional love. In addition, I have made several attempts to reconnect with friends I grew up with and had not seen in over thirty-five years. We have a reunion planned at Cape Cod this summer. I hope others will enjoy this book as I have…and I hope these wonderful surprises continue!”

- Eileen Cutrona, Intel Analyst, Burke, VA

“An interesting read that beautifully summarized the brevity of life.”

- Pastor Gary Hamrick, Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Chapel, Leesburg, VA

“It’s nice to see a book come out that envelops ‘free will’ instead of blaming society for the wrongs one commits. The story is diverse, but gets the point across that we are all here for a purpose.”

- Jenn Walchli, Analyst, Baltimore, MD

“Our Father’s golden reassurance to work good things from bad things (Rom. 8:28) is fulfilled in soul healing and redemption for all His kids in The Last Fall. His gracious attentiveness and the loving encouragement of others lifts our hearts as we are riveted to this story of our Father at work. Read it and luxuriate in His love!”

- Sue Bullard, Elementary School Teacher, Sterling, VA